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Java开源的HTML 解析器,jsoup 1.8.2 发布

       jsoup 1.8.2 发布,此版本提升了 Android,HTML 解析,HTML 生成,查询等方面的性能。同时添加了文件上传,W3C DOM 互操作等功能,还有其他的改进和 bug 修复。
       jsoup 是一款 Java 的HTML 解析器,可直接解析某个URL地址、HTML文本内容。它提供了一套非常省力的API,可通过DOM,CSS以及类似于JQuery的操作方法来取出和操作数据。
  • 从一个URL,文件或字符串中解析HTML;
  • 使用DOM或CSS选择器来查找、取出数据;
  • 可操作HTML元素、属性、文本;

  • 提升 Android 解析 HTML 的性能
  • 提升 Android HTML 序列化的性能
  • 加快 Andorid 上字符集编码速度
  • 提升 Andorid 上 selector 类的性能
  • 支持文件上传
  • Add a meta-charset element to documents when setting the character set
  • Added ability to disable TLS (SSL) certificate validation
  • Added ability to further tweak the canned Cleaner Whitelists by removing existing settings.
  • Added option in Cleaner Whitelist to allow linking to in-page anchors (#)
  • Use a lowercase doctype tag for HTML5 documents.
  • Add support for 201 Created with redirect, and other status codes
  • Added support for HTTP method verbs PUT, DELETE, and PATCH.
  • Added support for overriding the default POST character of UTF-8 in Connection.
  • W3C DOM support: added ability to convert from a jsoup document to a W3C document
  • In the HtmlToPlainText example program, added the ability to filter using a CSS selector
  • Improved the equals() and hashcode() methods in Node
  • Improved performance in Selector when searching multiple roots.

Bug 修复
  • Fixed validation of cookie names in HttpConnection cookie methods.
  • Fixed an issue where option tags would be missed when preparing a form for submission if missing a selected attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where submitting a form would incorrectly include radio and checkbox values without the checked attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where Element.classNames() would return a set containing an empty class; and may have extraneous whitespace.
  • Fixed an issue where attributes selected by value were not correctly space normalized.
  • In head+noscript elements, treat content as character data, instead of jumping out of head parsing.
  • Fixed performance issue when parsing HTML with elements with many children that need re-parenting.
  • Fixed an issue where a server returning an unsupport character set response would cause a runtime
  • UnsupportedCharsetException, instead of falling back to the default UTF-8 charset.
  • Fixed an issue where Jsoup.Connection would throw an IO Exception when reading a page with zero content-length.

  • jsoup 的详细介绍:请点这里
  • jsoup 的下载地址:请点这里

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